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Insurance history
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Insurance — a special type of the economic relations, urged to provide insurance protection of people (or the organizations) and their interests from different dangers.

Insurance (insurance business) in a broad sense — includes different types of insurance activities (actually insurance, or primary insurance, reinsurance, joint insurance) which in a complex provide insurance protection.

Insurance in narrow sense represents the relations (between the insurer and the insurer) on protection of property interests of natural and legal entities (insurers) in case of approach of certain events (insured events) at the expense of monetary funds (insurance funds), insurance premiums (insurance premium) created from paid them.

The relations between the insurer and the insurer, defining, which image the insurance fund and how it will be spent will be created, represent a method of creation of insurance products. In the course of historical development three methods of creation of insurance products — self-insurance, a mutual insurance, commercial insurance were worked out.

Insurance in various to the world countries, of course, has the features caused by its legislation, but main types of insurance are very similar in every spot on the globe!

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