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Insurance in Spain

In Spain, as well as in the majority of foreign countries, activities of insurance companies are regulated by the acts regulating licensing of insurance companies and an order of their registration (including foreign), duties of insurers on execution of obligations before insured, relations of intermediaries in case of the inference of contracts of insurance, standards of support of solvency of insurance companies, a reporting order before supervisory authorities, conditions and insurance rates. List of types of mandatory insurance, condition of extinction of activities of insurance companies.

Insurance of the foreign trade operations in Spain is carried out through the state company on insurance of the export credits "CESCE" operating since 1971 according to the Decree of 10 from July 4, 1970.

Insurance of different types of risks in Spain is rather developed and was widely adopted both among locals, and among numerous emigrants and tourists. On the territory of the country operates both great variety of national insurance companies, and large international insurance monsters like Swiss "Winterthur". In all Spanish cities it is often possible to see signs where there is a company name and the word "seguros". It also is offices of insurance agents. Most often insurance agents sign contracts with several insurance companies and sell policies on many types of insurance from several different companies. In turn the majority of insurance companies is realized by different forms of insurance (a real and personal estate, life and health, risks during traveling, etc.) also insure against bigger or smaller amount of risks in each type of insurance. Thus at the same office the client can sign some different contracts of insurance upon different risks, often having opportunity to select insurance company, the amount of insurance payments and consequently also insurance cost. And by means of the insurance agent to include in the policy those risks, an insurance from which he wishes to receive. It is possible to pay insurance cost cash or from the bank account quarterly or time in half a year or directly for a year.
Real estate insurance in Spain (seguro de hogar)

If you buy the apartment or the house by means of a mortgage loan or you want to take a mortgage on the security of housing available for you or commercial real estate, the bank will force you to issue an insurance on this real estate. Otherwise the loan won't be granted to you. Home insurance companies, such as bank have the majority of banks, or have tight contractual relations with any insurance company, being its shareholders. So BBVA and Bankinter banks are the principal shareholders of Linea Directa insurance company popular in Spain. Besides, many international and Spanish insurance companies, such as already mentioned "Winterthur", and also Spanish "Seguro Catalan", "Seguro Bilbao" and others are engaged in insurance of real estate. After all the majority of Spaniards insure the dwellings and commercial real estate on a voluntary basis. If in your real estate there is an accident independent of you (pipe break, a flood, a fire, damage of walls, a fence, etc.) that is there comes insured event, you address in the insurance company which immediately sends the expert who evaluates scales of damage and defines, what operations need to be carried out for its elimination. Then there come specialists of the repair or construction organization with which your insurance company has a contract, and perform necessary works. And if your insurance company has no similar experts and you call repairmen or for example gardeners again to put the green plantings spoiled by elements, the insurance company pays their services. If you robbed, you make statement in police and the insurance company will pay to you losses from theft based on the police protocol. Usually insurance of real estate includes also insurance you and members of your family when you are outdoors and even out of the country. That is if at you pull out from purse hands during walk around the city or will lose your suitcase during traveling on public transport, to you will pay compensating. But it is possible to insure risks when finding outdoors also the separate policy. The insurance of your dwelling will cheaper cost if it is equipped with the fire warning, a security signaling, has the safe, strong doors, grids at windows, etc. If in your house there are especially valuable things or collections, you can include them in the description of housing and raise the amount of insurance payments in case of their loss. But such insurance will be slightly more expensive. As an example of cost of insurance of real estate - the insurance from all risks of the house worth about 200 thousand euros equipped with above-mentioned devices with property in the house about 50 thousand euros in which the family from 4 people lives, will cost in a year about 500 - 700 euro.
Insurance of cars in Spain (seguro de coche)

In Spain there is a mandatory insurance of cars, motorcycles, sea vessels, aviation means as means of the increased danger. Most often it is necessary to face insurance of cars. Remaining vehicles are insured similarly. You can be restricted to insurance upon the damage caused by you to the third party. Because this insurance mandatory, but also the cheapest. But you can add and something for yourself, for example, insurance upon stealing, a fire, upon breaking glasses, upon final fracture. And you can and from all risks that is irrespective of who is guilty in the occurred accident, your insurance company will repair your machine. Insurance from all risks happens from a frankisiyamiya and without. The less frankisiya (that is that amount which you pay for repair), the is more expensive an insurance. It is clear, that the insurance from all risks (seguro de todos riesgos or in a different way seguro completo) is most expensive. In case of accident both drivers fill in the appropriate form of the European act of accidents which should be carried with itself together with the insurance policy and the receipt on its payment. In the act data are specified each driver, each car, these both insurance policies register and the road accident diagram is attached. The act is signed by both drivers, receive on a copy on hands and within one day they are obliged to provide this act in the insurance companies. The police is caused only in disputable cases or if there are victims in accident. On receipt of the act of road accident agents of both insurance companies communicate among themselves, the company of responsible for road accident sends the expert for an assessment of the caused damage and pays services of repair shop. If the machine isn't subject to restoration, pays its overall cost for the table of cost of the machine depending on model and age of the car. Also insurance company will pay delivery of your car in repair shop, and his passengers to a residence by a taxi in case of car breakage. All are engaged in insurance of cars practically working at the territory of Spain insurance companies. The cost of an insurance of that you include in it, and also from car model, hesitates from several hundred to several thousand euros a year. If you have an accident-free driver's experience for several years, the discount will be provided to you. To the contrary, if you make accident on own fault, next year your insurance will be more expensive.
Insurance of travelings (seguro de viaje)

In addition to insurance of inhabitants of the country traveling outdoors across Spain and beyond its limits that is included in the house or apartment insurance, some travelers make out an additional insurance as the insurance of housing provides for the services traveling very limited range generally connected to thefts and loss of baggage. Insurance of travelings as an independent type of an insurance indemnifies also the loss caused to you in case of a time delay of the train or the airplane, will provide a little money for purchase necessary on the way to prophetic prime necessity if your baggage lags behind in a way, will pay treatment of suddenly sick holiday-maker, and if necessary his delivery home or arrival to it someone from relatives for leaving and its living. And some more similar things which are in advance difficult for providing and which anybody usually doesn't plan. Some Spanish insurance companies, for example, "Seguros Quesada", are ready to insure also vacationers coming to Spain and tourists. Insurance contracts of this sort are signed on small period and policies start working from the moment of fit to the train, the ship or the airplane in point of sending and before arrival insured from rest home. There is such insurance from several tens to several honeycomb euro depending on duration of action and a range of provided services.

Medical insurance in Spain (seguro medico)

In Spain there is the system of social insurance which is spreading to all population of the country, and also on operating emigrants and members of their families. It is called as Seguridad social and provides a row of social warranties, including free medical attendance. But many Spaniards and residents of the country, not wishing to stand in queues in the state clinics, and also preferring more comfortable service in expensive hospitals. make out private health insurances (privado). Private Spanish medical insurance companies Sanitas, Asisa, Adeslas and some other are most known. They provide a broad spectrum of insurance policies: personal, family, different value of paid services. Each company has a network of clinics and hospitals, and also is private practicing doctors with whom it has contracts for customer service of this insurance company. These clinics can be not only in Spain, but also in other countries of Europe and the world. But if you address in clinic with which your insurance company has no contract, you are stimulated to pay treatment, and your company will return you its cost in whole or in part depending on conditions of your insurance. Also to you will provide not only the list of medical institutions with whom there are contracts, but also phones of representatives of your insurance company outside Spain. Often to you will offer as application to the main policy additional on rendering supplementary services. For example, to the main policy of the Sanitas company it is possible to acquire the annual policy of "Dentisanitas" (it can be bought and separately from the main, but is slightly more expensive), which will pay to you some main stomatologic services for about 50 euros, and on the remaining will provide a discount. Private insurance policies cost from several hundred to several thousand euro in a year, but allow to show fully care about own health which, as we know, not at any price you won't buy.

Other types of insurance in Spain.

In addition to above-mentioned main types of insurance in Spain there are also less widespread types of an insurance: insurance of pets, insurance upon commercial risks and many other things. But if you want to take out an insurance policy on absolutely an exotic thing (for example, to be insured from a heart attack of your favourite cat if the national team on ice hockey of Equatorial Guinea which your cat supports, doesn't benefit the Olympic Games of 2010), and are ready to pay for it money, for certain there will be an insurance company which from this misfortune will insure you. Spanish company "Runiga S.L. " I am ready to give you help in receiving any insurance services from leading insurance companies of Spain and Europe which you will need.

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