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Insurance in Norway

Norway - one of the most developed European countries.

The royal decree of 1767, entered mandatory insurance upon fire in the cities, and this fund still exists. Before, responsibility for care was conferred on a family, church or separate arrival about poor and sick or aged. Extension of social services and the state insurance is tightly connected to industrialization process. The industry brought with itself new health hazards, greater mobility, and a consequence the weakened family relations. At the same time, it provides an economic basis of social reform.

Insurance upon accidents for factory workers entered in 1895, gradually extended and on other professions, and then sick pays, manuals on an old age (1936), doles (1939), disability pensions (1960) and privileges for widows and mothers of singletons (1964) are entered. In 1967, all airs of social payments assumed before World War II were integrated in national system of insurance. As a rule, all persons living in Norway are members of the Norwegian national system of insurance. If you work in Norway at the valid bases, you automatically become the member of the Norwegian national system of insurance, since your first working day.

The insurance market of Norway consists of four main types of insurance:
- Insurance of cars
- Staff insurance
- Insurance of a civil liability
- Real estate insurance

The system of medical insurance in Norway is founded on decentral model. Standards are very high. Any who lives and works in Norway is obliged to make the contribution to health care through a profit tax. Medical insurance relieves citizens of need to incur the huge expenditures connected to the medical.

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